App Design, Part 2

Details, Details

What i hadn’t really figured when designing an app was just how nuanced it had to be. Each function had to be represented in some way. Considering how applications make use of motion graphics, it almost feels like i’m drawing up story boards. The other thing one has to take in mind is the issue of UI. Having delved into html and css, i understand the importance of easy user interface, but it’s certainly more challenging when it comes to app design. You really need to take everything into account so as to idiot-proof it. When even a crotchety, impatient, middle aged old coot can easily use your app, you know you’ve nailed it.

The App


This was the final icon i went with. The square shape lends itself well to being a useful icon. It has so much more personality than the old, Napster knock-off. The grey color scheme is really just a result of my own dry tastes creeping to the forefront.


This was the final mock-up. It shows the music identifying function of the application in action.One idea demonstrated here was the animated eyes. Closed as if concentrating then open at the ‘eureka’ moment..


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