App Design

In the beginning…

I try to be as utilitarian as i can when i use apps. Don’t really use many besides tinder and instagram. For this particular project, we were tasked with creating an original app. Not programming or anything, we simply had to develop the layout and visual style. My idea was for music identifying application that could generate lyrics and sheet music which could then be downloaded. Here’s the initial rough:




app in action
Main function in action





Icon on the main menu

The main icon was originally envisioned as being this guy:



Back to the drawing board…

But i had to kill it because it resembled the Napster logo too much. So i had to get back to the drawing board:


This was actually fun. These designs i found to be somewhat more lively than the original logo. Amazing what an actual nose adds to it. From there, i tried to work the actual layout of the app:


In the process i hadn’t really noticed how much it was just looking like another music listening app. Composition wasn’t much of a problem. I felt comfortable working in a vertical orientation despite the restrictive screen size.

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