Misguided Beginning

Okay, so this assignment tasked us to create a hot sauce brand. We were to design the logo, label, and describe the intended market. The beginning was a bit testy for me. I intended to name the thing ‘Salamander’, after some old obscure arcade came and for the association that the word has with fire. These were the initial designs:


Obviously the name called for reptilian imagery. While i love most of the designs i came up with here, none really seemed to gel with me. Plus, they looked too cool. To make something look it’s best, you need  time and dedication. Let’s just say i’m flimsy at best, and distressingly awful at worst with the former. So i decided screw it, and cannibalized another project i had just completed:


I recycled the the sun logo. I was proud of the face and felt it was out of place being used on a soap package. I applied some minimal changes and re-applied the sun to a hot sauce logo:


I further developed that into a full label:


However this was still just WIP

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