Think Big, Follow-up

So i went to a little shindig called AIGA…

Yeah, i went to a portfolio review held by the American Institute of Graphic Arts. A good pile of my peers were there as well as healthy selection of students from other schools. Truth be told, i felt like a bit of a chump compared to the chick i had my portfolio review with. An amateur that stumbled into Carnegie hall. Oh well, i’ll just have to up my game for next time.

The Think Big Project, again…


This is the layout i decided upon for the review. This is basically what the reviewers went over with me regarding my Think Big piece:

  • Under-emphasized the i in the The Think Big logo
  • The extension coming off the b is too long and throws off the cohesion of the logo
  • the NYC and think portions aren’t quite well enough aligned with the big portion
  • the 2018 needs a little leading to even it out
  • The under-emphasized i and solid b and g almost make the logo look like Hooters decided to become a phone/internet service provider

I’m just glad these AIGA dudes didn’t pull any punches. The reason i’m following up on this is because it’s one of the few projects here that i decided to use in my final class portfolio. On top of that, outside of the graphic standards manual, it’s one of the few fully realized branding efforts i’ve done. Overall, i’m personally not satisfied with it. Rather than trying to polish a wreck, i’m better off killing this and taking what i’ve learned from the reviewer’s critiques to other projects i’m more invested in.

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